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Raúl Canosa

Recital Programs

Spanish Serenades and Dances

Piano recital

Raúl Canosa

Albéniz, Rodrigo, Granados, Falla...





  M. Falla                 Serenata Andaluza

  M. Vallés*               Becerril de la Sierra: Serenata

                                                         E. Granados                      Zapateado

              M. Albeniz                 Sonata en Re M: Zapateado

   J. Turina                           Fandango Op. 79

                                                C. Danés*                            Fandanguillo                                                

    J. Larregla                     Jota ¡Viva Navarra!


J. Malats                Serenata Española

J. Rodrigo              Serenata Española

I. Albéniz                       Torre Bermeja

             J. Rodrigo           A la Sombra de Torre Bermeja

I. Albéniz                Seguidillas: Castilla

   J. Rodrigo               Seguidillas del Diablo

E. Halffter                               Habanera

 X. Montsalvatge                      Habanera

 R. Canosa*                        Jota Robada



It's always fascinating to hear how differently composers treat the same genre. Popular Dances have always inspired great composers and in this selection, the audience will enjoy great variety and originality in a program that includes two contemporary composers* and a composition by the pianist himself, all of them will submerge you in the exotic and delightful Spanish sonorities.


Duration: 1 hour 10 min. + pause

Music and Poetry

Piano recital

Raúl Canosa

Liszt, Wagner, Albéniz, and Ravel





   Franz Liszt                   Liebestraum


                                                         Après une lecture du Dante:

                                                       Fantasia quasi Sonata


  Wagner/Liszt                Isolde Liebestod






  Isaac Albéniz                  La Vega



     Maurice Ravel               Gaspard de la nuit


                            1. Ondine

                         2. Gibet

                            3. Scarbo

Music and poetry are two very similar arts in some aspects. Both search the beauty and musicality in the sound or words. All the pieces in this recital are inspired or linked to a poem that was responsible of its creation. Knowing the argument of each poem give us a new insight into these fantastic pieces and into the creative compositional process of the composers presented in this program.


Duration: 1 hour 10 min. + pause

Spanish flavor

Piano recital

Raúl Canosa

Mompou, Granados, Ravel, Albéniz and Liszt




        Federico Mompou                  Scènes d’enfants


      Enrique Granados             Cuentos de infancia op. 1


          Maurice Ravel                           Scarbo





            Isaac Albéniz                           La Vega


             Franz Liszt                      Spanish Rhapsody

Spanish music has always been considered exotic because of its Arabic influences and its original and idiosyncratic flavor. The Arabic atmosphere is incredibly present in La Vega of Albéniz, inspired in la Alhambra of Granada. Ravel's mother was Spanish and in some of his pieces, we find rhythms and colors that remind us of Spain but filter through the detailed compositional style of Ravel. The Spanish Rhapsody is one of the most successful pieces by Liszt, it was improvised during his visit to Spain and used several popular melodies arranged with the grace of his unmatchable virtuosity.



Duration: 1hour 05min + pause

Scenes from childhood

Piano recital

Raúl Canosa

Haydn, Granados, Schumann and Mompou





                                             Joseph Haydn                             Piano Sonata in C Hob. XVI /50


                                             Enrique Granados                       Cuentos de infancia op. 1






      Robert Schumann                       Kinderszenen op. 15


      Federico Mompou                       Scènes d’enfants


      Enrique Granados                       El Pelele

We always look back to our childhood with nostalgia and so did these composers that received great inspiration from those memories and brought them to write this wonderful and innocent music. This recital would like to bring back to the listeners those feelings that seem now so far in time, from the optimism and innocence of Haydn sonata to the pure joy an enthusiasm of El Pelele by Granados.




Duration: 55 min + pause (optional)

Piano Recital 2018-2019

Raúl Canosa

Bach, Haydn, Mompou, Schumann and Brahms





      Johann Sebastian Bach             Prelude and fugue in c sharp minor


                                                         Prelude and fugue in C sharp major



      Joseph Haydn                            Sonata in C major Hob. XVI /50


      Federico Mompou                      Scènes d’enfants






       Robert Schumann                      Kinderszenen op. 15



       Johannes Brahms                      Variations on a theme of Paganini op. 35



Bach 5 voice fugue in c sharp minor is a perfect example of how the unsurpassable intellectuality of counterpoint can coexist with the beauty and sincerity in music. Haydn Sonata is on the other hand an example of how simplicity and spontaneity can easily touch our hearts. Both Scènes d’enfants and Kinderscenen bring the listener back to the golden age of childhood explored in the idiosyncratic musical languages of Mompou and Schumann. The closure is one of the most difficult works written for the instrument, born as exercises for piano, after the success with audiences, Brahms decided to publish them.



Duration: 1 hour + pause

Piano Recital 2018-2019

Raúl Canosa

Soler, Schubert, Scriabin, Rachmaninov, Chopin and Liszt




    Antonio Soler                   Sonata R. 37 in D

                                   Sonata R. 87 in g


 Franz Schubert                 Sonata D.960 in B flat




  Alexander Scriabin            Studio Op. 8 nº 12 “Pathetic”


  Sergey Rachmaninov        Studio Op. 39 nº 5 “Appassionato”


  Frédéric Chopin                 Nocturne op. 15 nº 1 in F sharp

                                             Nocturne op. 15 nº 2 in F


     Franz Liszt                      Vallée d’Obermann


Schubert last sonata is one of the most sincere and touching masterpieces written for the instrument. In its apparent simplicity, it reveals an intricate world of passions and sorrows. The extremely dramatic studies by Scriabin and Rachmaninov were both written in the same tonality but one notated in d sharp and the second one in e flat. It is usually said that Rachmaninov was inspired by the piece of his classmate and friend to compose this apocalyptic studio. Two of the most beloved Chopin Nocturnes will calm the atmosphere before the storm of the Vallée d’Obermann a piece that shows a mature Liszt far from the cheap virtuosism and inspired by great writers like Lord Byron or Étienne de Senancour.



Duration: 1 hour 25 min. + pause

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