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Raúl Canosa


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"Raúl Canosa has a universe of creativity very rare to find in such a young musician and the radiation of his sound creates incredible lights and shadows that left us hypnotized, unable even to clap..."

           Roland Proll           

may 2017


   Raúl Canosa is a 22-year-old Spanish pianist described by the critics as commanding an “overwhelming pianism, of great sound quality and expressive delicacy” (Andrés Ruiz Tarazona) and that has been awarded first and second prizes in more than a dozen national and international piano competitions. He is “a pianist of great technical ability and, what is less frequent, a compelling musicality” (Codalario) He has performed for Spanish and American TV in the Must Talent Festival and Celebration of Music and has been interviewed in Radio Clásica.  

    He earned his Master degree at the Colburn School of Los Angeles and finished his Bachelor degree with honors at Centro Superior Katarina Gurska. The teachers that have contributed the most in his development as a musician are Bruno Gelber, Jean-Yves Thibaudet and Jura Margulis. 

    He has performed at halls like Auditorio Nacional of Madrid, Steinerener Saal of Musikverein in Vienna, Walt Disney Hall of Los Angeles, Teatro San Martin of Tucumán in Argentina or Der Zentrum of Bayreuth.


    In 2019, Raúl will record his first solo CD sponsored by Shigeru Kawai.