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Raúl Canosa is a 26-year-old Spanish pianist who has performed in Austria, Germany, Argentina, France, the United States, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Italy and Spain. He has performed at the Musikverein in Vienna, at Bayreuth’s Der Zentrum as part of the Wagnerian Festival and at Madrid’s Juan March Foundation. He has appeared various times at the Auditorio Nacional as a soloist with the Andrés Segovia Orchestra, thanks to the A+Música Association and during the cycle of young interpreters of Scherzo.  He has also been an invited soloist in orchestras in Argentina and in the United States.

He has received awards in more than a dozen national and international competitions and has been described by specialized critics as possessing “an overwhelming pianism, of great sonorous quality and delicate expression” (Andrés Ruiz Tarazona) and as “a pianist of great technical ability and what is less frequent, of solid musicality” (Codolario).  He has performed before Spanish and American television in Partytura and in the Celebration of Music.  He has been interviewed by Scherzo, Radio Clásica and Andante con Moto.

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"Raúl Canosa has a universe of creativity very rare to find in such a young musician and the radiation of his sound creates incredible lights and shadows that left us hypnotized, unable even to clap..."

           Roland Proll           

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