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Raúl Canosa

Personal interview

Why did you start playing the piano?

You never know the why at that age, it comes as an intuition. Looking back I believe it was a desire to participate actively in the creation of the sound that made audible my favorite music. It was an impulse to being part in a more deep sense of that phenomenon. A need not only to listen but to create, understand and live within those sounds. 

And why do you study piano now?

Now I just can't be without a piano. Not piano specifically but music. The piano is my method to be in contact with it. I practice every day with hope and determination so that one day I will able not only to experience in a more deep way the music that moves me and amuses me but specially to share it with others and feel part of the of the creation of those sound that gave me in first instance so much pleasure. And it's incredibly difficult to be able to do it.


So why do you keep studying the piano?

Actually, every step forward you realise is more difficult than you use to think but the most difficult thing it's to play without prejudices, without fear to failure, to have the mind open to the content of the music and not full of that kind of well -known and sadly popular nonsense-distracting-stupidities. I keep studying because I believe the pursue it's noble and extremely gratificant in every step because is not only about the final goal but the road is always exciting and enriching.

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